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Have you ever wondered of thinking content management systems other than

  • wordpress
  • blogger etc

If you are a pythonista, you can feel pride in using this open source Content Management System(CMS) called Wagtail. In this post I am going to show how to successsfully install Wagtail on your Ubuntu 14.04 machine. It works with Linux Mint 17 and all other Ubuntu based systems too.

First steps

Create virtual environment that holds Wagtail.

$ virtualenv wagtailenv
$ source wagtailenv/bin/activate

I am using Python3 here. Python 2.7 works the same way.

You need to install a main deapendency before installing wagtail. Wagtail uses two image processing libraries Pillow and Willow. Normal way of installing pillow is using Pip tool.

$ pip install pillow

But in Ubuntu 14.04 it will throw gcc exit 1 error. So you need to disable jpeg and install it.

$ pip install --upgrade pillow --global-option="build_ext" --global-option="--disable-jpeg"

This command successfully installs Pillow. Now try to install wagtail

$ pip install wagtail

If everything is fine, you will see no error. You are ready to work with Wagtail.

Starting Wagtail

So after installing the wagtail we can start a new project by

$ wagtail start your_site
$ cd your_site
$ python manage.py migrate

First it creates a Django project. Then it creates a Sqlite database and creates all tables required by Wagtail. If you wish to use MySQL or PostgreSQL for content storage, then update the database settings in settings.py. Now create a superuser to access admin panel. Then run Django server using runserver command.

$ python manage.py createsuperuser
$ python manage.py runserver

Now visit http://localhost:8000/admin to enter into the wagtail admin panel. Start adding content. That's it :)

Now you will see the screen like this.

When you login successsfully, you will see a beautiful dashboard where you can add content on the fly.

For more details see the documentation of Wagtail.

Wagtail documentation

Thank you :). Leave comment if you have any query.


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