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If we see the attacks from black, the first thing comes into our mind is Fishing pole attack. This is the common trap employed in Ruy lopez opening. If opponent is not aware of this trap, then you can control the board well with forcing King to pin in a corner, if he castles. Or if he is aware of trap, you can stop him castling on King's side.

You can access the entire tutorial code here.


What is Fishing pole trap?

Fishing pole trap is a genuine black trap which corners the castled king and eventually forcing white into an unavoidable checkmate.

Let us begin with classic King's pawn opening from white. Then black does nothing fancy but just developing it's pieces. So at one stage the board might look like this.

Now White king castles 0-0. Here he gave an opportunity to fish pole his King's side.We need to remember the universal rule. Attack on opponent's king's side and defend our king's side. Now board looks like this.

Now play Nf6. This is to control the h7 square in near future. It will create a road for our Queen to jump into action.

Now black Night on g5 is annoying White. So it will try to push pawn to h6. Board looks like this

Now we just move h4 as we are not caring the chance of losing the night. If white takes black Night his game is virtually finished. So hg5 and one more hg5 from our side.

Now White's Night should retreat back because of black pawn threatening it. Now bring the un-official final move. Qh5. White will resign instantly.

This is called the fishing pole attack. When you are playing as white, please be aware of this trap.

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