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All private corporations are trying to make money on simualted world crysis.

We all know capitalism. Establishing business through reforms and other plans. In these days, the concept of globalization and free markets are going to take new forms. In fact this trend of studying the global markets is started in the mid seventies. The experiments were made since then to use every situation to make money by few corporates in all the nations. But application of those studies have been applying recently.

What is Disaster Capitalism?

Disaster capitalism is a type of capitalism in which private corporates spring into and change the things which are looked after by the governments at time of a natural or artificial disaster or calamity in which people are panicked.

In a single word we can say

At the time of a national crysis, disaster capitalism is a process of tactically privatizing the bodies which are traditionally under the governments.

Naomi Klien, a social activist and an author clearly mentioned in her book "The Shock Doctrine" about how few private firms will be eagerly looking at calamities occur in the world to sell their products or transfer public wealth into the hands of few corporate giants.

The Shock Doctrine is a very good writeup on how the economical policies of US and other developed countries favoring this kind of capitalism. Naomi is mainly concerned with the doubts that few corporates are the main reasons for

  • Unnecessary wars
  • Ignoring the climate change
  • Rise of gap between rich and poor

Is it good or bad?

For all the economic rules mankind has designed, there will be a limit of absorption and implementation. For example a very famous construction company can play tricks to privatize the government's public transport etc. But inorder to raise capitalism, if they virtually fund a war to capitualize the situation and construct bridges which got destroyed it is very bad principle to make money.

Who started the idea of this shock doctrine?

Milton Friedman, a nobel laurate in Economics who came from University of Chicago is the root for this idea. He is the father of the idea of disaster capitalism. He always believed that radicalstic free markets can reform the state instead of government funding all the things from education and health. He always favored a voucher based systems which allow private corporates to operate and generate wealth. His ideas and principles are widely followed by his disciples world wide. He adviced nations to privatize and reduce burden at the time of crysis or natural calamities. He showed a clean new start for life after disaster as a reason to privatize things.

Evil effects of uncontrolled disaster capitalism

The un ethical way of making money by private corporates includes making subtle, hidden capitalistic crimes which are given color of religion and other labels. The main concern is pushing the countries to wage wars to create virtual free markets. Gun suppliers and outsourced millitary can be examples for them. If we take US Iraqi war and New Orleans school reforms are two good different examples which falls under category of disaster capitalism.

A prisoner when interrogated with extreme torture can easily forget his/her believed ideas and try to pass information available to interrogator. Similarly when a mass of people are tortured by losing everything by a naturaal calamity, these capitalists go there and try to rub their own business ideas and make people believe that "Start a clean new life with these new ideas". In my opinion these so called Shock doctrine "capitalists" are lobbying strongly to stop the reforms which avoid damage to climate change because they want disasters to happen. Their business won't go well when everything is peaceful.


The main motto of this article is to explain what is disaster capitalism and how it can be a danger chance of creating wealth in an absurd way by destroying governments,waging virtual wars between nations in the name of religion, allowing serious calamities due to climate change where these corporates can spring in and make money. We collectively be should be aware of all this side effects of disaster capitalism. Let us pledge that environment should be our first concern and there should not be any wars tearing global peace into parts.

Jai Hind.

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